elink Basics

What is elink?

elink is the easiest way to turn bookmarks into beautiful shareable content. These shareable single web pages can then be embedded on a web site or turned into curated email newsletters. It 
is the first professional way to create curated online content in minutes! 

Our users are from over 100 countries all over the world, from marketers, teams, influencers, bloggers, researchers, governments, educators, etc. They collectively are creating thousands of elinks a week. The average user is saving 20 hours of time per week with the content they are creating. 

Who should use elink?

elink is for anyone who wants to share multiple links (web based content) with clients, followers, colleagues, students, etc. It's a beautiful, smart & fast way to share information around a particular topic, personalize it and share it with the world. 


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