Choose a Layout

How do I choose a layout?

1) Click on Create New from the dashboard side menu.
2) From there the first step will be to select either a free layout or a pro layout.
  • Free layouts are available to users on all plans.
  • Pro layouts are beautiful layouts that have been put together with much attention to detail. The only way to access these is to upgrade to a pro plan. 
As you add links you will start seeing your content appear immediately in the same layout that you selected. You can click the back to layouts button anytime and change any layout you wish. 

What happens if I want to edit a layout that is in draft or published mode?

The great part about elink is that you can go back and update not only your content and links, but your layouts as well. If you want to change your layouts follow these directions:
1) Go to the dashboard and select the blue Pencil Icon next to the link you want to edit.
2) Go to the layout step and select the layout you wish to change it to. 

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