Add, Edit, Move & Delete Links

How do I add links?

1) Click on Create New and select a layout you would like to use.
2) This will take you to the Add Links step. Simply paste the URL and elink will immediately start fetching the title, description and main image.
3) Click save or next and the link will be added. You'll be able to see how the link is reflecting on your elink. 
You can continue adding additional links one-by-one. 

How do I edit pictures in the links?

There are two ways to edit pictures:
  • You can click on the picture and drag it around to fit the right portion of the image to display or 
  • You can click on Upload Image to select your own image you would like to display. 

How do I edit pictures of links that have been published?

If you would like to change the picture of a link that you have saved earlier...
1)  Go to your dashboard
2) Click the blue Pencil button for that link in the dashboard
3) You will see all of the links you have added. Click on the Edit button below the picture associated with the link you would like to update.
4) Click on the Upload Image button to upload an alternative image. 
5) Click Save or Next

How do I reorder links?

If you are interested in changing the visual order of links. You can do that by clicking on any link and dragging it to a new position.

How do I delete links?

Click on the garbage can Delete button below the picture associated with the link you would like to delete.

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