How to embed your elink onto your Squarespace site?

PART 1: Getting the Embed Code from
 1.  Click on the Published tab on your dashboard.

 2. Click on the Share icon next to the elink you want to embed.

 3. Copy the iframe embed code on the share pop-up that comes up.

PART 2: Adding the Code to Your Squarespace site

  1. Go your Squarespace site and open a page or post that you wish you to embed your elink on.
  2. Click the + button.
  3. Click on the Code button.
  4. Paste in the embed code from elink. 

PRO Tip: Adjust the height and width of your iframe to fit your page. We recommend making the width 100% and the height you can adjust to remove the scroll if you'd like. Some elink users like to keep the information in a certain size container. 

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