What is the difference between Basic (free) and the Pro Plan (upgraded)?

Basic Plan Features:

  • Unlimited Web Pages:  You can create an unlimited number of elink collections and save an unlimited amount of web links and content. You can embed these web pages to any website/blog. 
  • Basic Templates: You have access to basic templates for the body and header. 
  • Ad Banner: All of your elink web pages will have a banner on the bottom of your page. 

PRO Plan Features:

  • Premium Templates: You have access to 19 fully responsive and modern design templates. You also will get access to a header that allows an unlimited amount of text and formatting options. 
  • Newsletter Publishing: Export any elink you create to any 3rd party email provider that allows HTML. Access direct email integrations with MailChimp and Gmail. 
  • RSS feeds: Add an unlimited amount of RSS feeds to your elink for quicker content curation and publishing. 
  • Robust Analytics: Study interaction and engagement levels for the content you share via a Web link and embed on a website/blog.
  • Custom Color Picker: Change the color of the hyperlinks on your elink pages to match your branding or content theme. 
  • No Ad Banner: Remove the ad banner from your elink web pages and embeds. 

 Go here to upgrade and view the pricing page in depth.

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