How to Embed an elink to your Squarespace site

Learn how to quickly embed an elink to your Squarespace website.

🎥 Watch the video to learn more:

PART 1: Getting the Embed Code from

Click on the Posts tab on elink's platform.

Important elink note: Make sure you elink is published before you go on to embed it on your WordPress site.

Click on the Embed icon (</>) next to the elink you want to embed.

You can now copy the Javascript code (recommended) or the iframe code from the pop-up that appears.

PART 2: Adding the Code to Your Squarespace site

Go your Squarespace site and open a website page that you wish you to embed your elink on and click on the Manage Sections Button

Next click the + button.

Then choose the Blank section layout.

Click on the Edit Button.

Click on the + Button.

Click on the Embed button.

Paste in the Javascript and iFrame embed code from elink and click Apply

View your embedded elink on your Squarespace!

PRO Tip: If you are using the iframe code instead of the Javascript one, you can adjust the height and **width of your iframe to fit your page. We recommend making the width 100% and the height you can adjust to remove the scroll if you'd like. Some elink users like to keep the information in a certain size container.

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