✉️ How to Export Your Newsletter via Aweber

Learn how to export your elink Newsletter via Aweber with just a few easy steps.

🎥 Watch this video to learn more👇

Part 1: How to get the Newsletter HTML code from elink.io

Go to the Post Section of elink's platform.

Click on the green newsletter icon next to the elink you wish to export.

Go to the HTML Export section and click on Proceed

Click on the Copy to Clipboard and click Proceed

Part 2: How to add elink's HTML Newsletter code to Aweber

Go to Aweber and click Create a Message and select HTML Editor

Once in the editor click on the Source button

You will see default HTML text showing. Copy and paste your elink newsletter code inside.

Once pasted, go ahead and click Preview & Test to see what your elink newsletter looks like! It's easy peasy!

👉Go to elink.io and start creating Aweber email newsletters in minutes!

🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat or email us at info@elink.io.
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