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🔗 How can I Add Affiliate Links to My elink Posts?

How can I Add Affiliate Links to My elink Posts? has been created in a way that it does not interfere with the link structure you are sharing. Often platforms will add or remove characters from a link when it is being added.

You can add any affiliate link to a product that you have rights to and add it to your elink. The product image, title and description more than often gets fetched perfectly.

We recommend following these tips to get the most out of your affiliate product pages:

1. Add a beautiful header: The header is what is going to capture your audiences attention. We recommend using Header 1. Add a beautiful image or image with text overlay.

2. Write a catchy title & intro text: You have only a few seconds to retain your audience's attention. We recommend taking the time to personalize your title and intro text. Tell your audience why the products you're recommending are important. Explain how they would benefit from your list and why your opinion matters.

3. Customize your visual bookmarks: When you enter your affiliate links, take the time to make sure the image stands out. Drag the image and position it so that it gives the best impression for the products you are sharing. Update your title of each product, so your audience is enticed to click on it. Add your voice to the description of the product. This is a great time to add your review and why the product should be bought.

4. Include your profile image and links: It helps your audience relate to the content your posting and writing about if they can see who the author is. It's also a great way to increase your social and blog presence.

5. Use a Product Friendly Layout: Select e-commerce from the dropdown so that your product images look great and show the full product. These layouts will let you add square images, portrait images and landscape images.

6. Change the button text: See the "View More" button at the bottom of every link you add to your elink? You can now edit that text too! For example, If you are adding a product list, you can edit the button text to say Shop Now! or Buy Now instead of the default "View More" and you'll see the font reflect immediately on the right side of the editor.

7. Make your elink SEO friendly: Make your elink SEO friendly: On the last step when creating your elink, we recommend that you make your elink search engine friendly. If you've spent ample time on your title, meta title, intro and customizing your web links entered, you can get your elink ranking on Google.

It's important to follow FCC guidelines and make sure your readers know that you're getting paid a commission for your recommendations.

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Updated on: 11/26/2020

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