How do You Add Weblinks to the Bookmark Library?

We'll walk through the two methods to save web links with elink:

Save weblinks with elink's Chrome Extension, Firefox Extension or Edge Extension
Save weblinks to your bookmark library

1️⃣ Method #1: Save Weblinks from Browser Extension

Follow these steps to get started using elink's browser extension:

Download the Chrome Extension, Firefox Extension or Edge Extension

Go to any website, article or digital resource you want to save.

Choose one of the ways you want to save content to your elink posts using elink's Chrome Extension.

👉Click on the elink icon in your browser.

👉Or right click the page and select 'Save this page.'

On the first step you will choose an image that best represents your content. You can also take a screenshot or click 'skip' to have the system automatically choose for you.

Your content has automatically been saved to your bookmark library.

You can edit the image, title, description, display label or tag.

2️⃣ Method #2: Save Weblinks to Your Bookmark Library

elink's bookmark library is the place where all of your weblinks are stored.

Click on the 'Bookmark' tab.

Click the 'Add Links' button.

Add a single URL or multiple URLs separated by lines and click 'Save.'

Once saved your newly added weblinks will turn into visual weblinks in the bookmark library.

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