How to add elink as an iframe on a website

If you're looking to create a beautiful collection of web links on your website there's a lot of customization you have to do. Elink makes it easy to create collections around videos, articles resources, cloud files, podcasts, news, and more in just minutes!

PART 1: Getting the Embed Code from

Click on the Posts tab on elink's platform.

Important elink note: Make sure your elink is published before you go on to embed it on your Website.

Click on the Share icon next to the elink post you want to embed.

You'll see an option 'Embed on your Website'- Copy the Wordpress embed URL.

PART 2: Adding an elink as an iFrame to Your WordPress Site

Open up your Wordpress dashboard and add a new post or post that you wish you to embed your elink on, (Here we are creating a new post)

Once you open the post, click on the Small Plus icon below the title and search for Classic block.

Your cursor will appear inside a Visual editor box, now click the 3 dots on the extreme right corner of the box.

A menu bar will appear, select the option "Edit as HTML"

It will convert the visual editor into a Code Editor Box. Now, paste the copied embed code.

<p><iframe src=""width="100%" height="1000px" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p>

You paste code only inside a Code Editor.
You have to copy the exact same code mention above and replace the elink embed URL with your own.
You can also change the size of your embed code by changing the height. We recommend you always keep the width at 100%

Click on Save & Publish and you'll see your elink appear on your website/blog!

PRO TIP: You can update your embedded elink in real-time with elink's Chrome Extension. You can also go to elink's dashboard and add content, update pictures, make textual edits, etc.
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