How to Create Fast Content for Your Website

Learn how to create beautiful, fast content for your website without having to deal with messy coding and website development.

Follow these directions:

Go to the post section and click on Create Post

Select Start from Scratch or Choose a Template

Add Web Links

Click on the Header Tab on top and customize your header text, header image, and profile.

Click on the Layouts tab. Scroll through to choose any layout and watch your content update instantly.

Next, click on the Settings tab and update your color, fonts and SEO settings.

Once you're done making your elink content look beautiful, hit the Publish button on the far right corner of the screen.

After it's been published you'll see a slider appear. Scroll down to the 'Website Embed' option. You'll have the choice of using the iFrame embed or Javascript embed.

Nearly all website builders have the option of placing HTML and Javascript into your websites. Once the code has been entered, you'll see your content render inside of your website or blog perfectly. The best part is elink posts are completely responsive.

Here are just some of the website builders you can add elink content to:

Google Sites
and more!

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