How to Download and Use the elink Firefox Extension

Using elink's Firefox extension, you can bookmark and save any content from around the web with one click. The extension allows you to create folders and subfolders to organize your content in the best way!

To help you understand how to use elink's Firefox Extension, we have divided this article into three parts:

Part 1: How to Download elink's Firefox Extension
Part 2: How to Use elink's Firefox Extension
Part 3: How to Create Content Using elink's Firefox Extension

💻 Part 1 - How to Download elink's Firefox Extension

✨ Step 1: Head over to elink's Firefox Extension and click on 'Add to Firefox'.

✨ Step 2: You'll see a pop-up near the address bar. Just click on the 'Add' option.

Once the extension is installed, the blue elink icon will show up on your Firefox toolbar. In case it doesn't, perform these additional settings:

✨ Step 3: Click on the Firefox menu icon in the top right corner of the toolbar and choose 'Add-Ons' from the drop-down menu.

✨ Step 4: Make sure that elink's bookmark manager is enabled.

Want the elink extension to work smoothly? Perform these settings before getting started:
✨ Step 5: Go to the menu icon once again and select "preferences".

✨ Step 6: Now, go to 'Privacy & Security' and choose 'Custom'.

✨ Step 7: Uncheck the 'cookies' box and close the tab. All the preferences will be saved automatically.

Good job! You're now all set to use elink's Firefox Extension. Let's get to the next part!

Part 2 - How to Use elink's Firefox Extension

✨ Step 1: Go to any website, article, or digital resource you want to save. There are two different ways you can save content using our Firefox Extension:

🌻 Method 1: Click on the elink icon in your toolbar.

🌻 Method 2: OR right-click the page and select the 'Save this page' option.

✨ Step 2: Whichever method you opt for, elink will give you an option to choose an image that best represents your content. You can also take a screenshot or select 'skip' to have the system automatically choose for you.

That's it! Your content will automatically be saved to your bookmark library on elink and you can access it anytime you want.

✨ Step 3: If you want to change the image, title, and description of the content you have saved, just click on the little pencil icon.

✨ Step 4: A little blue box will appear where you can make all the customizations you want.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. You can do a lot more with our Firefox extension. Head over to the next section to know more about the power of elink.

💪🏻 Part 3 - How to Create Content Using elink's Firefox Extension

Method 1: Create/Update Content Using The Extension Itself

✨ Step 1: Once you've bookmarked your content, click on the 'Add to Post' button.

✨ Step 2: Select any of your pre-existing posts and add your bookmark to them by clicking the '+' icon. Want to create a new post? Just click on 'Create New'. The bookmark will be added to your post without you having to open up elink!

Method 2: Create Content from elink's Bookmark Library

✨ Step 1: Open up and click on the 'Bookmarks' tab.

✨ Step 2: Search, filter, and select bookmarks that you've saved and want to create content from.

✨ Step 3: Once you've picked the bookmarks you want to bundle and create content from, click the 'Build Post' option.

✨ Step 4: The elink editor will open up with all the visual bookmarks that you've selected. You can customize all aspects of your content including the header image, title, theme color, layout, etc.

Method 3: Insert Your Bookmarks When You're Creating a Post

✨ Step 1: Open up any post that you've created on elink and click on the 'Bookmark Manager' option.

✨ Step 2: Search, filter, and select bookmarks that you want to bundle and create content from.

✨ Step 3: Once you've selected your favorite bookmarks, click the 'Insert Links' button. All the bookmarks you've selected will be inserted into the post.

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