✏️ How to Edit Your elink Posts

Edit draft or published posts.

Whether your elink post is a draft or is published, you can edit it anytime and it'll update in real-time. There are two ways to edit your elinks. One way is through the platform and one way is through the elink Chrome Extension.

Read on to learn how to use both techniques:

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1️⃣How you can edit your elink from the platform:

Go to the Post Section of the elink platform.

Click on the name of the post you want to edit or click on the Three dost dropdown on the far right side of the post and select Edit Post.

2️⃣How you can edit your elink from the Chrome Extension:

Regardless of whether you elink is published or in draft state you can add additional weblinks to your post and each new weblink added will move into the first position of the post. Here's how you can use the Chrome Extension to add weblinks:

Download the Chrome Extension.
Go to any website, article or digital resource you want to save.
Here are few ways to save content to your elink posts using the Chrome Extension:

👉1️⃣Click on the elink icon in your Chrome browser.

👉2️⃣ Or right click on a particular image on a page and select Save this picture with this link.

👉3️⃣Or right click the page and select Save this page.

👉4️⃣Or right click on a link on a page and select Save this link.

Once you've saved your link you can click the Pencil Icon to edit your link or click the Add to Post button.

Select the post you want to add it to and click the plus button. You can select as many different posts as you want to insert your content in. If you need to create a new post you can do that by clicking the Create New Post button on the bottom left of the pop up.

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