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🖥How to Use elink's Wordpress Plugin

How to use elink's WordPress Plugin

elink's WordPress plugin makes it incredibly to easy to create, publish and edit content quickly without touching messy code. 🙌

1️⃣Step 1: Create an elink post

Go to the post section and click on Create Post

Select Start from Scratch or Choose a Template

Add Web Links

Click on the Header Tab on top and customize your header text, header image, and profile.

Click on the Layouts tab. Scroll through to choose any layout and watch your content update instantly.

Next, click on the Settings tab and update your color, fonts and SEO settings.

Once you're done making your elink content look beautiful, hit the Publish button on the far right corner of the screen.

You'll have a share slider appear on the right-hand side. Scroll down to the embed section and copy the WordPress plugin code.

2️⃣Step 2: Publish an elink post to your WordPress quickly

If you haven't already added your WordPress Plugin, do so now. Here is an article to learn how: How to Install elink's WordPress Plugin?

Next open up the post or page you want to add your elink content to and click on the plus button inside of the editor.

Search for elink and you'll see the elink icon display. Click on the elink icon.

Paste the elink WordPress embed code in the field and that's it!

Click on preview to view your elink within your WordPress site!

IMPORTANT TIP: Once your elink has been added, continue updating it with your elink Chrome Extension and going into the elink platform. Easy peasy! Learn more here.

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Updated on: 11/26/2020

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