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πŸ“°What does elink's RSS Feed Reader do?

What does elink's RSS Feed Reader do?

elink's RSS feed reader allows you to follow the day's news from sources you trust and build content all from one beautiful place.

Often times as professionals we need to share news that's hand-curated for our website, blog, customers, internal teams, executives and more.

With elink there are different ways you can save this news:

You can download elink's Chrome Extension that you can upload and save content to your link library on the go or add it to a piece of content.

You can set up your RSS feed inside of elink and start following news from sources you trust the most. As you click on each article you can decide to select it and start bundling your content into an elink post. Use your filtering and search options as you continue selecting and bundling content. You'll save valuable time searching across multiple sources for the most important information.

Start by creating your RSS feed inside of elink and curating content from sources you trust. Select and bundle the best content and turn it into beautiful curated email newsletters, website embeds and much more in minutes!

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Updated on: 02/05/2021

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