Learn the difference between elink's Free and Pro Plans.

👉 Free Plan Features:
1 elink Per Day: You can create only a single elink collection in a day and can embed these web pages to any website/blog.
5 links per post: You can add 5 links per post.
RSS Feeds: You can subscribe to only 3 RSS Feeds in total.
Basic Templates: You have access to basic templates for the body and header.
Ad Banner: All of your elink web pages will have a banner on the top and bottom of your page.
Storage: The basic plan includes 1 GB of storage for your links.

🌟 PRO Plan Features:
Unlimited Posts: You can create an unlimited number of elink collections and save an unlimited amount of web links and content. You can embed these web pages to any website/blog.
100+ Links per Post: You can add as many links as you want per post. We recommend up to 50 for faster page rendering.
Access to Power Posts: Create content that automatically gets updated from RSS Feeds and Bookmarks.
Premium Templates: You have access to 19 fully responsive and modern design templates. You also will get access to a header that allows an unlimited amount of text and formatting options.
Newsletter Publishing: Export any elink you create to any 3rd party email provider that allows HTML. Access direct email integrations with MailChimp and Gmail.
Storage: Unlimited storage means add as many links and content you like!
RSS feeds: Add an unlimited amount of RSS feeds to your elink for quicker content curation and publishing.
Robust Analytics: Study interaction and engagement levels for the content you share via a Web link and embed on a website/blog.
Advance Design Settings: Change the color of the hyperlinks on your elink pages to match your branding or content theme. You can also change the "View More" button text at the bottom of every link in your elink collection.
Font Selection: Choose from a variety of awesome fonts to make your elink's header and body text stand out
Custom SEO settings: You can manually make SEO friendly changes to your elink and make sure that it ranks on Google SERPs.
No Ad Banner: Removable ad banner on your elink web pages and embeds.

🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat or email us at info@elink.io.
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