😃What is elink?

Easiest way to bundle weblinks & turn them into beautiful shareable content!

🎥 Watch this video to learn more👇

👨‍💻PART 1: elinkers can collect weblink bookmarks in three main ways:

elink Chrome Extension

elink's RSS Feed Reader

elink's Link Library

🚀PART 2: Bundle weblinks and convert into shareable content:

Build and share as email newsletters in minutes.

Create website and blog content quickly by embedding weblink collections. Update them in real-time

Share as web pages that are SEO friendly or private.

All of elink's content templates are beautifully responsive and look great on all devices.

elink has users from over 100 countries and over 85,000 professionals using elink to collect web links, bundle them and share them.

Users range from marketers, teams, influencers, bloggers, publications, researchers, governments, educators, and much more!

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🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat or email us at info@elink.io.
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