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🚀 Why Embed an Automated elink on Your Website / Blog?

elink is the fastest way to create beautiful content for your website and update in real-time within seconds.

It takes a lot of time and effort to share valuable information and content with your audience. Anytime you're managing a website there are a lot of moving parts and different sections. Regardless of whether you have the resources to update your website/blog regularly or don't. is a very helpful tool to create content for your website that you can manage with ease without any code.

The best part about Automated Posts is that your post can be linked to an RSS Feed or a folder of various RSS Feeds and you can apply keyword filters. All the articles that come up in the RSS Feeds with that criteria will update your content automatically! You won't have to touch your website.

You can also link Automated Posts to folders of your bookmarks, so as you're saving information from your Chrome Extension any folder linked willl also update your Automated Post.

One of the key differences with Automated Posts is that you can schedule your published time, date and frequency. That way you're in control of when content gets published. You can also not only update an existing post but you can create reoccuring new posts that are published.

In addition you can decide how you want your content to be shared automatically whether you want to approve it first, send it off to Mailchimp or send it across 1000's of applications in Zapier.

Here are some ideas of what you can create with elink:

Press Pages
News Feed
Resource Pages
Video Collections
Cloud Files Gallery
ebook/PDF Library
Clients or Brands you work with
Knowledge Base
Testimonial Page
Product Pages

The best part is that once your elink is embedded on your website/blog, you can continue updating it and add new content with elink's Chrome Extension.

Here are just some of the website builders you can add elink content to:

WordPress - Classic Editor
WordPress - Gutenberg Editor
Google Sites
Go Daddy

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Updated on: 11/17/2020

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