🤔Why you should use elink to create email newsletters?

elink empowers anyone to create beautiful modern email newsletters in minutes!

Email newsletters have only been possible through email marketing platforms that are costly and complex to use. Unless you're a marketer whose job is dealing with email campaigns, most likely you haven't had the opportunity to create beautiful newsletters until now.

elink is the fastest system in the world that will create an email newsletter for you after you just add a few web links and a custom header. Whether you're a Gmail, Outlook or Zoho user you can create beautiful email newsletters to send off to your internal teams and clients you're working with.

If you're relying on Mailchimp, Active Campaign, etc. it's a time-consuming process to create an email newsletter and worry about meta tags, descriptions, hyperlinking images and text to make your email newsletter do what you want to do which is:

Drive traffic

If you're driving traffic which 99% of marketers are doing that means you need your audience to click on links that take them somewhere important. elink allows you to place that link into our system and it automatically fetches the images, title and description in seconds. The same visual link if you're creating it in a third party email service would take you 5-10 minutes to get it right.

Our users use to spend 2 hours creating an email newsletter and today they spend minutes! Get started today making better, smarter and more beautiful email newsletters.

🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat or email us at info@elink.io.
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