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7️⃣ Step 7: Customize SEO & Private Settings

Step 7: Customize SEO & Private Settings

When you create a post you have the option to:
Have elink automatically generate your SEO settings
Customize your SEO settings
Make your content private and not crawlable by search engines.

###How do You Customize Your SEO Settings or Make it Private?

Once you've created or opened up a post, click on the Settingstab and go to the SEO/Private section and you will see three options:

###🔄 Automatic
If you click the automatic button, elink's platform will automatically fill in your elink SEO settings on your behalf.

⌨️ Custom

You can customize your SEO title, description and keywords for your elink to help it rank on Google SERPs.

Select the Custom button in the SEO settings of your post and add an SEO-friendly title, description and keyword to give your elink that extra SEO boost.

You can also change your elink's public image, by clicking on the Social/OG Image section. The recommended size of the public image is 900 x 575 pixels. Your public image is what will show up for social media networks, Slack, Skype, etc.

If you are interested in customizing your URL, you will have the option when you click on 'Publish'. A pop up will appear allowing you to customize your URL. You won't be able to change it once it's published, so make it perfect!


Sometimes you have internal content that you want to share with your team or company and want to share it with a private link. Private elink posts do not get indexed by Google.

Check the Make it Private button in the SEO settings of your elink.

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Updated on: 09/04/2021

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