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👫 Who Uses elink?

Who Uses elink?

Here are just some of our power users who LOVE elink:
Marketers 🚀
Social Media Influencers 📱
Bloggers 👨‍💻
Businesses 🏢
Researchers 👩‍🔬
Real Estate Agents 🏠
Travel Industry ✈️
Educators 🎓
Financial Industry 💰
Governments / Cities 🏙
Non-Profits 🎗
...and many more!

Why do they LOVE elink?
elink helps them save and share the world's online knowledge in a beautiful professional way. It is the only platform that has been built for professionals to share research, resources, articles, web links, video collections, podcasts, cloud files and more in a smart beautiful timesaving way.

So, how does elink work?
Simply copy and paste weblink URLs into elink's platform and elink will turn them into beautiful content no matter who your audience is. Choose from one of 50+ stunning layouts, add a header and footer and you're ready to share it with your world!

Share your weblink collections as beautiful responsive email newsletters.
Embed your weblink collections on any website / blog - YES, you can continue updating your content with elink's browser extension (Chrome, Edge or Firefox) in real-time!
Create social bio link pages for your social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Create single web pages that can be published and shared privately or be SEO Friendly.

elink is SIMPLE, FAST and BEAUTIFUL. Save hours of your day by curating beautiful content with elink and impress your colleagues, clients, followers and your world!

🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat or email us at

Updated on: 09/04/2021

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