How do You Organize Your Posts?

elink has a couple techniques that you can use to organize bookmarks in the way that works the best for you.

Here are some of the organization techniques you can use:

Post Folders & Subfolders
Post Tags
Unsorted Posts

How to Create Post Folders & Subfolders

👉1. Open up elink and click on the 'Posts' tab.

👉2. On the left side bar click on the 'folder' icon.

👉3. Add the name of your new folder.

👉4. Once a folder is added you can add subfolders, but clicking on the 'three dots' icon to the right of the folder name.

How to Add Tags for Your Posts

👉1. Open up elink and go to the 'Posts' tab.

👉2. Locate the post you want to add a tag to and click on the 'three dots'.

👉3. Select 'Quick Edit' on the dropdown.

👉4. That will open up a popup that will allow you to add your 'tags.'

👉5. When you want to sort by tags you can click on tags on the left side bar.

👉6. That will open up a popup that will allow you to filter by tags to find the tags you want to view.

How to Use Unsorted Posts to Help You Organize

👉1. In the 'Posts' tab you'll see an 'Unsorted' section on the left-side bar.

👉2. Clicking on this section will display all of the posts that don't belong to any folder and need to be organized.

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