How to Choose a Layout for Your Power Posts?

Why elink Layouts are Impressive

elink has 50+ layouts.
Responsive & look great on all devices.
Can be used for single web pages, embedded website content, email newsletters and social bio links.
Tested across 90+ email clients.
Switch between layouts even after your elink post has been published.

How to Choose elink Layouts

Once you're inside the editor, click on the 'Layouts' tab.

Then depending on the content you're creating, choose between webpage or email newsletter .

Scroll and sort through all of the layouts and choose any layout. Your content on the right hand side will instantly change. Make sure you've added weblinks on first to watch the magic happen! Choose the layout that best reflects the content you're creating and sharing.

Important Tip: Switching between layouts can occur even after your elink post has been published. Yes, that mean after your elink post has been embedded on your website or blog you can quickly update the layout with a click of a button.

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