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✋How to Create a Maximum Number of Visible Links on Your Post

How to Create a Maximum Number of Visible Links on Your Post

When you create an elink post there are times that you need it to be updated on a regular basis. If you've embedded that elink post on a website that could mean that over time your embed of 6 visual bookmarks grows to 50!

elink allows you to cap the number of links displayed. This means if you cap it at 6 the most recent 6 visual bookmarks will be displayed even as you add more weblinks to that elink post.

This is a great way to ensure that your website always looks the same and that content and website content widgets don't grow unless you want it to.

Open up an elink post and click on the 'Settings' tab.

Expand the 'Customizable links' section.

Your maximum links are defaulted to show the most recent 50. You can decrease or increase this number at any time.

As you adjust this number, you'll see the links displayed on the right will get adjusted accordingly.

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Updated on: 09/03/2021

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