🖼What's are the best image sizes for your elink?

Learn how you can make your elink pop by using the correct header image size, weblink image size and SEO public image.

1️⃣🌄Header Image:

Go to the post section and click on an existing post or click on the Create New Post button.

Select Start from Scratch or Choose a Template.

Click on the Header Tab on top.

Add a beautiful heading image to make your content pop! We recommend your header to be 1500px by 500px.

2️⃣🌄Web Link Image:

To change a web link image go to the Add Links tab inside of your editor.

Once your web links have been added, click on the Edit Pencil icon on the bottom of your weblink tile on the left hand side.

Click the Edit Pencil Icon.

Here you can click the upload icon to add your own image. The recommended size of the public image is 920 x 575 pixels

3️⃣🌄SEO/Social Media Image:

Your public image is what will show up for social media and SEO purposes. To change the link image that is the public image of your elink, go to the Settings tab and under SEO settings, click on the Public Image option. The recommended size of the public image is 920 x 575 pixels

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