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💻 How to Embed an elink on Your GoDaddy Website

#How to Embed an elink on Your GoDaddy Websitev

1️⃣ PART 1: Getting the Embed Code from

👉1. Click on the 'Posts' tab on elink's platform.

Important Note: Make sure your elink is published before you go on to embed it on your Website.

👉2. Click on the 'Share' icon next to the elink post you want to embed.

👉3. Next, click on 'Embed.'

👉4. Now you can copy the 'Recommended Embed code.'

2️⃣ PART 2: Adding the Code to Your GoDaddy Website

👉1. Open up your GoDaddy Website's GoCentral dashboard click on the 'add to this page' button on the right side.

👉2. Search for the custom HTML block.

👉3. An HTML block will appear. Copy and paste the code in the text box.

👉4. Your elink post will display directly inside of your GoDaddy web page.

Important Tip: You can update your embedded elink in real-time with your Chrome Extension. You can also go to elink's dashboard and add content, update pictures, make textual edits, etc.

Here are just some of the website builders you can add elink content to:

You can embed published elinks on your website or blog by simply adding your Javascript code (recommended) or the iFrame code. Here are some of the places you can embed your elinks:
WordPress - Classic
WordPress - Gutenberg Editor
WordPress - VIsual Composer
Google Sites
Any website or website builder that allows embedding of content.

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Updated on: 11/26/2020

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