How to use elink chrome extension on Brave Browser?

Chrome extension allows you to save links directly to your library. You can also save these links into your posts, regardless of whether it is in a published or draft state. Here's how you can use the Chrome Extension to add weblinks.

Step 1: Download elink's chrome extension

To download elink's Chrome Extension,
Open your brave Browser.
Click on this 👉 Here to go directly to elink's Chrome Extension.
Click on Add to Chrome.
You will then see a small popup asking for permission and click on Add Extension.
Once downloaded, you'll see a page from that briefly describes how you can use elink's Chrome Extension. Make sure to reach through it and you're ready to go! Start saving content in the smartest way!

Step 2: Making changes in the Brave browser to save links hassle-free

In order to start saving web link from elink chrome extension, you first need to make some changes in the setting of your brave browser:

Open any website, article or digital resource on the browser you want to save.

Click on the 3 lines at the top right corner to open browser settings.

Once you open the setting, click on the Shields section on the side menu.

And enable the Cross-site trackers setting and change cookie setting to Allow all cookies

Step 3: Save web links from the Chrome Extension on your Brave Browser

Once enabled, Go back to the website, article or digital resource you want to save.

And, simply click on the elink icon in your brave browser to save the link of your content.

All of your links will automatically be saved to your Link Library that you can search and filter to view and access content anytime.

You also will have the choice to add it to a new or existing post.
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