What does the elink Chrome Extension allow me to do?

elink's Chrome Extension is the fastest, simplest and smartest way to save information on the go.

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Here are a few key reasons why elink's Chrome Extension is the best:

elink's Chrome Extension can bookmark nearly any website, article, video, etc. online.
It'll automatically grab an image, title, and description.
It allows you to edit your image, title, and description right there. You can also add tags for smarter search.
It'll automatically save your bookmarks to your elink link library where you can go in and sort, filter and access anytime.
You can bundle your web link bookmarks and turn them into beautiful shareable content.
You can save the bookmark to any new or existing elink post collection page and curate your bookmark to share professionally with your audience.

PRO TIP: You can right click on anything an image, link or page and save information in a smarter way. if there is a particular image you want to save with a page you can right click it and the system will save it.

🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat or email us at info@elink.io.
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