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🖥What does the elink's Browser Extension Allow me to do?

What does the elink's Browser Extension allow me to do?

elink's Chrome, Edge and Firefox Extensions are the fastest, simplest and smartest way to save weblinks and build content on the go.

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elink's Browser Extension

Here are a few key reasons why elink's browser extension is the best bookmark manager:

elink's browser extension can bookmark nearly any website, article, video, etc. online.
It'll automatically grab an image, title, and description.
You can choose and edit your image, title, description and display label.
You can also add tags for smarter search and organization.
It'll automatically save your bookmarks to your elink bookmark library where you can search, filter and access your weblinks anytime.
You can bundle your weblink bookmarks and turn them into beautiful shareable content (email newsletters, single webpages, website embeds).
You can save the bookmark to any new or existing elink post from the browser extension. This includes published elink posts embedded on websites, where the content will update.

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Updated on: 09/04/2021

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