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🧐 What is an elink Post?

What is an elink Post?

elink posts are made up primarily of a collection of visual bookmarks and can be turned into content that is shared in multiple ways.

To create an elink post users add weblinks of articles, websites, social media content, online videos, etc. and elink will create a visual card for each link added. The cards contents contain an image, title and description. You can update and edit any of this information to add your own voice.

Once you're done curating content you can add a header and footer to introduce and conclude your message.

After you've put the structure of your content in place you can choose from 50+ beautiful modern layouts to showcase your content in the best way.

Next customize your colors and fonts to make your content pop. Then customize SEO settings or make it private. Once you're done you can publish your content.

Now for the real magic. Your elink post can be shared in nearly anyway you can imagine. You can share it with a single weblink and a web page will open for your audience. You can share it an HTML email newsletter that can be sent through nearly any 3rd party email provider. Lastly you can embed your content on any website or blog for beautiful quick content.

One of the best things about elink is that you can use elink's browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox & Edge) to bookmark web content and add it to your elink posts. Yes, this includes published elink posts! This means that if you've embedded an elink post on your website your content will automatically be updated by just adding it to your post.

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Updated on: 09/02/2021

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