What is the Link Library?

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The link library is one central location that houses all of your links that have been collected by elink's Chrome Extension or that have been directly added to a post. You can modify the content of each link in the library like the title, image, description etc.

It's a great place to be able to search, filter and access any information that you have saved in one beautiful, fast location.

No more wasted time looking for important information that you need to share with your world. The best part is that you can select library links and bundle them to create shareable content! Your collection of links can be sent via an email newsletter, a website embed or shared as a single web page that is SEO friendly or can be shared with a private link.

Your bookmarking life will forever be different! Don't just save information. Save it in the smartest way with elink so that you can bundle and share it with your world!

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