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🥇Why elink is the Best Bookmark Manager?

Why elink is the Best Bookmark Manager

elink's free bookmark manager has been created to remove the frustrations and lack of features in the bookmark managers available in the marketplace.

There is no bookmark manager on the planet that is like elink. Here what makes elink's bookmark manager amazing:

Fast and easy to use.
Provides important bookmarking customization options.
Ability to bundle weblinks to create content
Automate content creation via bookmarks Bookmark Manager Features:

Chrome Extension
Firefox Extension
Edge Extension
Choose an Image
Upload an Image
Edit Image
Edit Title
Edit Description
Add Tags
Add to Folders
Add to Subfolders
Bookmark Library
Advance Search
Bundle & Create Content
Add to Published Content
Automate Content Creation

🎙 If you have any questions or suggestions, please message us on our in-app chat or email us.

Updated on: 09/04/2021

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