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💻 Why Embed an elink Post on Your Website / Blog?

Why Embed an elink Post on Your Website / Blog?

It takes a lot of time and effort to share valuable information and content with your audience. Anytime you're managing a website there are a lot of moving parts and different sections. Regardless of whether you have the resources to update your website/blog regularly or don't.

You'll see is a very helpful tool to create content for your website that you can manage with ease without any code. What you can create with elink:

Press Pages
News Feed
Resource Pages
Video Collections
Cloud Files Gallery
ebook/PDF Library
Clients or Brands you work with
Knowledge Base
Testimonial Pages
Product Pages

The best part is that once your elink is embedded on your website/blog, you can continue updating it and add new content with elink's Chrome & Firefox Extensions.

Here are just some of the website builders you can add elink content to:
WordPress - Classic
WordPress - Gutenberg Editor
WordPress - VIsual Composer
Google Sites
Any website or website builder that allows embedding of content.

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Updated on: 11/26/2020

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